Do you feel like not to be understood while speaking about cars?

Nobody figures out your passion for technology and its use in the automotive field?

Then, we have many similar employees like you. Come on

April 21st or 22nd to see how it looks when engineers, fans and very smart cars meet.

Come to see the Smart Cars Day!

We will talk, explain you all, show you the technologies and we will let you sit and ride the prototype cars.


Meet the technology

✓  OZA – Operation Zone Assistant – an assistant when driving in narrow spaces

✓   AEB – Autonomous Emergency Braking – a system that activates the brakes when you are not quick enough

✓  CTA – Cross Traffic Alert – a device informing you of obstacles behind you while reversing

✓  BSD – Blind Spot Detection – a system alerting you to the presence of another vehicle in your blind spot

✓  P4U – Park For You – a system that will park your car for you

✓  SVS – Surround View System – a system which monitors the surroundings of the vehicle which are not visible to the driver

✓  Intelligent cameras – recognition of traffic signs and barriers

✓  e-Mirror – a substitution of rear-view mirrors by camera systems

  • All checked! 100%

Why should you be there

You will get in the cars with prototype technologies of future.
You will discuss with the top engineers of automotive field.
Will you join us and start your future along the smart cars?