SMART CARS DAY 20th of May 2023


The traditional Smart Cars Day event took place on Saturday, May 25, 2023 in Milovice, where we welcomed interested parties and enthusiasts of new technologies. In this year’s spring season, we presented eight stations with eleven practical demonstrations, rented BMW i7 and Mercedes EQS electric cars and presented everything to interested parties from technical universities and experts from relevant industries. It’s no wonder that this event has become an annual tradition for both Valeo and the tech-focused community.

The Smart Cars Day was held at the Milovice polygon, with four stations with six practical demonstrations on the Runway and four stations with five practical demonstrations on the TestTrack. Our colleagues at the stands explained the principles of autonomous driving or emergency braking technologies, visitors could see an HVAC “mock-up” brought from France, see the SmartBar in a BMW i7 or feel the acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h in 4.3 – 6.2 seconds in the Mercedes EQS. Among other things, the visitors learned that the Mercedes EQS is equipped with Valeo HVAC and in the propulsion we can find both drive electric motors, an inverter and a reducer.

Every visitor could view technologies such as the satellite sensor concept, MRM function, Drive by wire, Blind spot detection, ViL, NCAP team demonstrations, Laser scanner (Scala), THS concept and Driving monitory system together with SmartBar.

All visitors could see how software is developed, hardware and test scenarios are created, and last but not least, how cars, sensors, radars, lasers and cameras are worked with. Technologies were not only on display, but visitors could try some of them directly from the passenger seat.