Valeo Tech Day 8. 9. 2016

The event, which is held twice a year, this time held on September 8. The day of smart cars in the autumn succeeded well. Smart systems were tested throughout the day at the circuit in Milovice. Up to 92 automotive enthusiasts tried technology, which will be waiting for them in a couple of years in regular traffic. Some were scared, some didn’t trust computers in cars, but most of the participants were amused. Participants enjoyed fun in the presence of a developmental elite that is involved in the development of smart cars.

We introduced these technologies:

Park4U – automated parking system
Park4U remote – parks without a driver using only a smart phone
SVS – Surround View Systém – helps the driver by providing a perfect view of the vehicle’s environment
The intelligent cameras – detect traffic signs and barriers
AEB – Autonomous Emergency Braking – the system that brakes for you when you’re too late
OZA – Operation Zone Assistant – autonomously controls the car in narrow space
LCA – Lane Change Assistant – the system that will alert you to a vehicle in the blind spot
Blind Spot Intervention – system, which intervenes if the driver at the crossing didn’t notice the car in the blind spot

Enthusiasts get as expert know-how about smart cars, so even a small snack. We presented also other parts of the cars, which boast other Valeo’s plants in the Czech republic. Incoming could therefore see for example the air-conditioning dissected in its full glory. There were also the control panels that are developed and produced just domestically and exported to all over the world. m zájmu vědět.

If you have enthusiasts into the automation of cars, or You are wondering how it all works, definitely don’t be sorry that you did not come. The event is held twice a year and the spring edition of the new registrations still pending. So don’t hesitate to let us know about your interest.