Smart Cars Day 21st and 22nd of April 2017

This year, the Smart Cars Day had changed. We extended the duration of this event from one to two days! Therefore, for the first time, the visitors could have chosen one of two days of the event! We wanted to provide this technological experience to as many people as possible, so we picked Friday and Saturday as the best days.
We hosted participant of all age categories – from little promising engineers until experienced professionals of technical fields. Although the weather did not cooperate with us and the temperature decreased on the winter level, we prepared great, calm and warm atmosphere.

In the beginning of each time-slot (morning or afternoon), the visitors chooses their group that would go around with. Each group received one Valeo’s guide. The groups visited eight stands, each with different technology. Visitors had always 20 minutes for listening a little information about how the technology works and what its points of interests are. After that, they could have tried the technology in reality and go with the prototype cars. We did not miss the needed coffee breaks nor warm-up pauses in the main building on the polygon. Following technologies were presented:
✓  OZA – Operation Zone Assistant – an assistant when driving in narrow spaces
✓   AEB – Autonomous Emergency Braking – a system that activates the brakes when you are not quick enough
✓  CTA – Cross Traffic Alert – a device informing you of obstacles behind you while reversing
✓  BSD – Blind Spot Detection – a system alerting you to the presence of another vehicle in your blind spot
✓  P4U – Park For You – a system that will park your car for you
✓  SVS – Surround View System – a system which monitors the surroundings of the vehicle which are not visible to the driver
✓  Intelligent cameras – recognition of traffic signs and barriers
✓  e-Mirror – a substitution of rear-view mirrors by camera systems

We believe that all participants liked the day with the smart cars and with us. We enjoyed it and we are looking forward to continuing the event in October!