Valeo Tech Day 22. 9. 2015

On September 22nd, we organized Valeo Tech Day. We presented our systems of the automotive future in Milovice, closed to Prague. What could the visitors see during the event?
64 participants visited 8 stands where the employees of Valeo had been introducing the systems. Valeo had the possibility to show the testing and prototype vehicles which were borrowed from abroad and other sites of the Czech Republic. These cars are used for research and development of the smart systems. The Valeo’s engineers theoretically explained and practically showed.

Do you manage to imagine a car driven by an automat? We do! The fanciest part of the event had been the technology that composed more systems. These systems have a function of recognition of the traffic signals, it can react according to the traffic lights and it can limit possible danger. How to explain how it works? The best way is to let the participants to get in the car and to show them how the Valeo’s technology is unique.

They could see all the functionalities of the developed systems. They could really imagine how these technologies influence and improve the feeling of the driver. They could understand what the direction of the automotive industry is and which the systems will once not be missing in any vehicle.

The participants who were impressed by the systems so much that would like to participate on their development, could do a job interview during the event with the colleagues from HR department. They have been giving needed information about the possibilities of cooperation with Valeo.
Food and beverage were ready there and everything went well. Since it was a successful event, we decided to organize it periodically. Who will we meet next year?