SMART CARS DAY – 15th October 2022


A Saturday right in the middle of October might seem like a bold date for an outdoor event. And one cannot but agree with this statement. This year there was no later summer weather and we experienced only rain and wet weather from the very morning.
Nevertheless, around ten o’clock we welcomed a large number of visitors who had registered. Young and old, everyone couldn’t wait for something to happen.

After the initial repetition of the rules of the test polygon, the participants split into groups according to the colors of their vests and started to go at the stands with their guides.
At each stand (demo), our colleagues were waiting for them to explain the technology they were developing. We showed from the latest control panels on the dashboard, through virtual testing with real cars and development for buses and vans, to controlling the car via computer, or testing according to the international safety standards. There was also an explanation of radar sensors or a test drive in a Mercedes electric car with a Valeo air conditioning system.

After three hours, we ended the morning event and looked forward to the next group of visitors who chose the afternoon visit time. They didn’t miss any interesting show either, and unfortunately the raindrops accompanied us the whole time again.

Despite the weather, the event was a success and we can’t wait for the spring edition.